NSA domestic surveillance debate returns to Congress with 'Ending Mass Collection of Americans’ Phone Records Act'

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“It’s time, finally, to put a stake in the heart of this unnecessary government surveillance program and start to restore some of Americans’ liberties,” Wyden said in a statement.




amid growing recognition of its operation challenges

What does that even mean? It’s too expensive? It’s hard to screen out false positives? Or maybe it’s a violation of the Constitution?


its about fucking time.

Why didn’t trump do it already?

Why didn’t Obama do it when it came out?


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The NSA recently gave up collecting telephone record data, and voluntarily deleted everything they had already collected since the 2015 USA Freedom Act passed. Apparently meeting the rules of that Act were just too complicated. Or something. We may never know for sure. But they quit. So the EFF and others stepped up pressure on Congress to repeal the law authorizing the collection. And since the NSA is not using those legal provisions anyway, our elected officials get to be “tough” without really taking anything away from the spooks.

Still, it’s a good thing. Even if somewhat anticlimactic.

Source: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/03/congress-has-chance-finally-end-nsas-mass-telephone-records-program


Will anyone be surprised when an amendment is added to this bill that requires further and enhanced recording of all electronic communications?


The irony is after all these years of rampant spiked fist up the ass privacy violation the only thing that actually made them stop was they had too much data and even they couldn’t be bothered.

In essence they violated the American public so much that it was too much to keep up with so they stopped.

Let that sink in for a minute.


This is completely meaningless and is little more than a dog and pony show. Stopping the NSA or FBI from collecting information on U.S. citizens doesn’t mean they can’t receive said information. We are part of the Five Eyes alliance. That means, any other member can spy on U.S. citizens, record their phone calls, and basically run roughshod over everyone’s rights and they can share what they find with the NSA, FBI, CIA and any other agency they choose.
We spy on each others citizens precisely to allow domestic surveillance which sidesteps our legal protections.


Save your questions for now. Let’s bring them up again in, say, 20 years, long after the surveillance has been outlawed.

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They recently claimed that they gave up collecting this data.

There is no transparency for anyone else to verify this claim, and the NSA, and various NSA chiefs, have lied to the public numerous times in the past, including lying to congress, under oath, in response to a direct question by my Senator, about this very program.

If you believe any public statements they make without external confirmation, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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