Wyden to Trump: End NSA domestic phone spying program permanently


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Meanwhile upstream collection of all data chugs along:

Who needs call records when you can have your buddies at GCHQ siphon up everything then send it to you to store for future perusal?

The NSA has reportedly stopped data-mining Americans' phone and SMS records

Trump to Wyden: Yea Poopy Ron, I got your end right here! And your permanently! And it’s very sad, the things many are saying about you. And very fake, and witch hunt and covfefe




Perhaps we should remind him that Obama was in favor of this program? That often does the trick.


He’s not going to end it now you’ve told him about it.

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Just tell tRump it caught and recorded a number on interesting calls between his family, hired staff, and Russian agents which can definitively prove his guilt in a large number of felonies, and I bet those programs will get canceled immediately, and the collected data conveniently expunged.


Cool. Just in time for those records to be extremely useful in prosecuting a treason case against a fair number of powerful politicians


There is simply no meaningful accountability or oversight. Of course, they could just let the U.K. siphon the data of American Citizens while the N.S.A. does the same for the U.K… That makes it all nice and legal.


NSA is “considering” ending that bulk phone spying program not because of all the outcry, or the disgrace over Edward Snowden’s revelations – but after all these years, “because it lacks operational value,” as reported in the Wall Street Journal by Dustin Volz.

Boy oh boy, can’t wait until we get clued into the next gen spying programs that do have “operational value”.


I suspect ‘lacks operational value’ simply means, “We underestimated how quickly our techy partners would be able to come up with some means of sifting all this fucking data.

They keep telling us it’s just around the corner and in the meantime we’re running out of storage and it’ll only cost us another few billion for a new ‘secure data centre’ and we’ve finally realised that they’re just going to keep telling us that for the foreseeable future.

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