The NSA has reportedly stopped data-mining Americans' phone and SMS records


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ok now i feel abandoned.


Continued the NSA spokesperson: “It’s OK, we don’t need your phone data to track you 24/7 anymore now that all the nanobot biotrackers are onli—I’ve said too much.


Not at all surprised. Like most all things intelligence and military this was all about lining contractor pockets and had nothing to do with outcomes or long-term viability.

Billions spents to build something legitimately terrifying which was never really used. Typical. If we could just start with not building this crap in the first place.


So who do we believe is being honest; the NSA or Google? My money is still on “neither.”


I’ll just leave the post I made in the other topic on this development here:

They’re making a big show of ending one program while more invasive ones continue, with the bonus large chunks of them are not even run by the US government.


Would it ever be otherwise? Not this lifetime : not this government.


Why illegally collect data that you get legally through 5-eyes anyway?

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Well I guess we will never know the truth but is this for real?

Did they actually delete nearly two decades of phone calls and metadata?

If this is true this may be the happiest post I have ever read!

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The only thing surprising is the gullibility of the public.


At least it probably worked.

The leaked tool which modifies malware to look like it came from an arbitrary nation state of your choosing? There is no way that left a functioning program, and there is no way it fooled anyone halfway competent. But it gets cited by die hard Trump supporters on why Russia did not hack the DCCC or Clinton (that it was the Democrats or something??).


That’s it, I’m going to rewatch Person of Interest, and think fondly of the days when projects like this seemed improbable.

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