USA Freedom Act: the good, the bad, and what's next

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Thank you for posting this Cory!

I’ve been trying to follow the entire debate for the last couple weeks, and I’m amazed at how little press coverage this is getting. I thought this would be all over the news. I’ve seen only a couple articles on it, nothing on the news. All the pieces though seem to echo almost word for word the same lines- like “this is a huge setback for the NSA”, and “ends collection of metadata by NSA”.

Not one has mentioned the worry over the metadata program continuing- because it is. And it’s just not the NSA who has it directly, but the phone companies. It should have just ended.

It really feels like this is just a facade bill, that changes really little.

Don’t you just love these names? Patriot Act, USA Freedom Act - Stephen Harper’s Our Conservative Government ™ is passing the Respect for Communities Act (who could be against respect?), which bans safe drug injection sites.

George Orwell would be proud.


Yes, it tells us exactly who these people really are and what they are about: lies and control.

So who thinks they stopped collecting bulk data now that it’s illegal? Anyone?

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