NSA can't legally surveil Americans' every phone call, for now. Thanks, Edward Snowden

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I wonder if they’ll just get/have already gotten a FISA warrant for surveiling the world. Problem solved!


The operative word being “legally”


Did I read the changes incorrectly? They can still do everything they did before, they just wont have to pay to store the data. Phone subscribers will pay that cost. It sounds like the NSA budget proofed the surveillance so it can continue without fear of budget cuts taking it down. They also get to keep everything they have so far.


As I understand it, they couldn’t explicitly legally do so before, they just sort of squinted at the guidelines and said, “Yeah, we choose to believe it says we can”.

I wouldn’t advise taking off the tinfoil hat just yet.
But what do I know? Everyone around me is just collateral damage by virtue of me not being American.


We need the PATRIOT act, for how else are we going to punish Saddam for the 9/11 attacks? Do you just want him to get away with murder?


That’s right citizen, we totally aren’t completely ignoring the law, secure in the knowledge that we’ll never be held accountable, anymore. No-sirry-bob. We’ve turned over a new leaf!


Add a provision to the new bill to the effect of ‘Every American citizen must club to death 12 baby seals using their own surgically extracted femur’ or something?

Or ‘The last amendment is rubber, this amendment is glue, the bat-mobile lost a wheel and landed in some spew’?

Or ‘It’s backwards day, so that means you do want to kiss satan on the butt’, maybe ‘nyeh nyeh’ or ‘wahhhhhhhhhhh’.

Perhaps I’m giving them too much credit?


But will they actually stop? In all the news coverage I’ve seen no one has mentioned what will happen to the program, the people it employs and the data it has already collected.


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