Secret court will let NSA do mass surveillance for another six months

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They don’t even pretend it’s about security at this point, do they? It’s just, “because I said so.”



So FISA courts and the NSA are basically Cartman

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I’m guessing that with the advent of the state prosecuting crimes by property and by money as in their forfeiture shenanigans, that if pushed, they’ll eventually come up with an excuse along the lines of “We’re not spying on our citizens, we’re spying on their communications. If their communications want us to stop they’ll have to embody themselves within a legal entity and take us to a secret court we won’t allow them access to.”

Are there advantages to continuing to abide by the law at all? Why not just make their spying activities as illegal and comprehensive as they want and when asked about it they can just murder the person making the enquiry?

Why bother with free citizens at all? Surely a battery feeding apparatus that extracts monetary value from drugged and somnambulant humans makes more sense ala the matrix. In fact, why the hell bother with any humans at all? Just invest in self repairing robots, hand over the financial systems to them, wipe out all the organic scum on the earth with neutron bombs and let the perfect generation of wealth accrue in the banks virtual coffers.

But why stop there? Those pesky robots may develop some kind of intelligence of their own… perhaps dropping a singularity into the centre of the sun makes most sense. A nice, tidy, solar-system sized black hole, encompassing all of the difficulties of pesky 3-dimensional existence within it’s holographic shredder. That should do the job.

Nice and peaceful and calm, none of this ‘rights and freedom’ nonsense.

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