#FISA: Senate passes bill to give NSA 6 more years of warrantless surveillance on Americans


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Depends on if it’s the “FISA is bad” Trump, or “FISA is good” Trump that is in the room when it’s time to sign the bill.


I hope they listen to every bad joke I will tell for the next 6 years.


i wish i could use their archives to retrieve all those emails I never backed up from my folks :slight_smile:


Without regret I shall continue to restrict warrantless surveillance. With regret I am too dull to be worth the surveillance effort, as are 99.99998% of people the NSA spies on.


We can remove authorization when we have the votes.


Get off social media. Stop watching television. Stop listening to radio. You will be amazed how clear your mind becomes when you remove media that is designed to distract you. Read good news papers. Read the bills in congress. Watch the votes in congress. Call your representatives asking them why they vote for specific bills. Instruct your representative to write legislation that supports your interests. Dare to write legislation and offer it to your representatives. (I have not done this but I would like to.) Talk to your friends and family and show them what you have learned. Meet your representative, ask them about specific bills and their votes. Don’t listen to what they say. That’s not the point. The point is to let them answer for their actions. Watch what they do.

This is just a start. We have so much more to do. I am talking about a way of life that involves being embedded in civics.



Sounds like a lot of effort for not a lot of fun.


Balance and moderation. You can have fun and do important things. You can have fun doing important things.



It looks like the Dems who voted for it are mostly from pretty purple states, like Kaine.

Both New Hampshire’s senators voted for it. (Hassan and Shaheen)
Live free or die…

Schumer and Feinstein both voted for it. I understand that New York liberals are a lot more authoritarian than we’re really comfortable with out here on the west coast, but can you Californians do something about Feinstein and Pelosi already?

Props to Harris for not voting for it. I had kind of expected her to turn out in the mold of Feinstein and Boxer, so it’s refreshing to see a change.


I completely disagree with this. North eastern liberals hate this as much as anyone else. These senators are serving other interests.



Why do the courts allow this?
This law is clearly in violation of the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search.
I no lawyer and I can see that.
(Unless congress has amended the Constitution.)


Nothing to worry - their super secret court says it’s ok for secret reasons.


In the 1950 and 1960’s, The US use to criticize the USSR for hold secret Courts.
We claimed that trying people in secret courts was a violation of basis human rights.


Yeah I know, that’s what makes it funny.


Good to know the FISA bill he signed is different than that other FISA bill.


Give it a go:


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