Google's former design ethicist says to change your phone screen to grayscale

Dunno. I read a lot of black and white comics.

Rereading Bone right now, for instance.


I had a friend help me do this with my phone and noticed no difference. I wonder if my sever color blindness might be part of the reason…

Okay. I’m not really sure what your snarky flip-phone comment was aimed at, then.

Seems like a cool idea, and so of course it appears to have been a feature on android a couple years ago and now is impossible to do without rooting the goddamned thing.
Just glancing at the app store and Google grayscale for Android seems like Joe Consumer is not allowed to make their screen black and white.

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Ps on android there’s no greyscale setting, but if you go to ‘accessibility’ and turn on color correction (for red green deuteranomaly) it gives all the icons a washed out look to folks without colorblindness that removes the gaudiness without killing color completely


they have a nice white on black option for browsing on android, i usually use that when im reading me blogs in the am

At least the designer isn’t recommending using animated gifs, like some horrendous web people seem to like…


Why would putting the screen into B&W make any difference to battery life? Because it encouraged you to use the phone less often?

“Making time with a year old iPhone. No place to go. Grayscale.”

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Then you gotta get loose.


I have to wonder, if you can’t get through a funeral without checking facebook, maybe the phone isn’t your problem…?
I have a smartphone, some days I probably go 8 hours without looking at it. Some days I realise I didn’t turn it back on after work, only just before I go to bed (it’s my alarm, so I need to remember to have it on overnight).


It would really help me if BoingBoing only added new posts once per day, say 5pm Pacific time. Then I wouldn’t feel the compulsion to check it several times per day.

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Having watched Logan Noir on my phone more or less recently, I don’t see that it’s less appealing to look at gray-scale images.

I suggest going back to CGA. That was addictive, at some point of my life, too. But I think I nearly outgrew this addiction.

On a second thought…


I know which I prefer…


Because that’s just how Samsung do


You don’t need to root it or install any apps (which are likely to be dodgy) - there are a couple of ways you can do it. As @caitifty1 mentions, you can find in the accessibility options.

Another way is to enable developer options. Naturally, that’s hidden; you’ll find it in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign reading “Beware of the Leopard.”

Er, you need to bring up your Settings app, bring up the “About Phone/Tablet” menu item, scroll down to the build number, and start tapping it. It will start counting down the number of taps until the developer options are enabled.

Once enabled, there’s an option labeled “Simulate color space” which (at least on my phone) allows for switching between normal, monochrome, deuteranomaly (red-green), protanomaly (red-green), or tritanomaly (blue-yellow).

For most people, the accessibility options will be easier to use.


But but but but … If the screen is less bright it will use less power, that I can buy. But greyscale? Maybe it’s a very dark greyscale? Or is Samsung just making stuff up?

From what i can tell it’s possible because of how AMOLEDs work. No power is needed to “display” a black color unlike a standard LED screen where power is still used even though an LED pixel is not displaying a color.

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Yes, but how do you make a grey pixel? If you start with a very red ff0000, what should that be in grey? ffffff? 555555? Does that really consume less power, or just spread it differently? Which leaves me wondering why not just use 7f0000 for a less-bright red? Or am I messing something really basic here?

I don’t know enough about how all that works to be honest :stuck_out_tongue: