Smartphones Replaced With Butter


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I like it. I’d like to see baccon next.

I’m wondering, though, if BB authors edit their own pretty permalink URLs. This one seems just a tad too coincidental:



Good idea. Not-so-great execution.


@Brainspore can’t do every Photoshop…


Cute. Needs more cowbell.


Replaced with hedgehogs? Paging @nemomen!


That would be “Smartphones replaced with cowbells”…



I for one would prefer to see people walking around enthralled by sticks of butter instead of smartphones.

Maybe that means I’m too old.

Oooo. . . Kerrygold, that’s good butter.


I can’t believe it’s not butter.


Hey to be fair to that first one, if I found a tub of Kerrygold where I live, I’d be bloody well smiling too.


Also works if you replace the phones with sex toys. Or salad.



I hate it when that happens. Usually butter reception is weak and data downloads are slow.


If it’s too buttery, you’re too old.

I can’t believe it’s not smartphones.

Butter. It’s what’s for smartphones.

My smartphone has a first name, it’s B-U-T-T-Er.
My smartphone has a second name, it’s P-A-R-K-A-Y.
I love to tap it every day, and if you ask me why I’ll say,
Uh-huh, hang on a second, I’m just watching this cat video.


But only one of them is laughing.


Why not both?


I’m plenty old enough to have seen those commercials, but not American enough :smile:


And who says butter and hedgehogs aren’t sex toys?


Pros: would not break when dropped.

Cons: greasy fingers.