Boing Boing Gift Guide 2016

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Oh, Mr @beschizza, I do believe you are trolling us.


I have an update on that actually. Let me find the safe thread.


“keys sold separately”


Good luck finding that thread. Try looking behind the closet.


iPhone 7S!? Damn, I knew BB was ahead of the curve and Knew People in Places, but I’m impressed with you getting a hand on next year’s purported model out of the clutches of Apple!

(hint: the latest one is the 7, no S. It comes in normal or Plus size)

Edit: Rob corrected it

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Squatty Potty

WTF? Next: a poop ladle to scrape any residual gunk out of your colon?

I want the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo to put on my desk at work. I suspect they’ll do better than the goldfish I had.


If this is going to be reposted more, might I suggest adopting a format that does not overwhelm the blog view?


Sorry, it lacked the necessary jump code. Should be fixed now.


Squatty Potty FTW.
Best! Poops! Ever!


While you’re there, the formatting appears to be borked. From “Apple iPhone 7” onwards is all embiggened (FF & Chrome on Mac).

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Good on you for not calling it a spork. A very handy item I’ve found, so long as you don’t want to use the fork and spoon at the same time. “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding!”

The best solution I found for the Estes rocket ignition problem you mention is buying a spool of fuse cord. You can light the fuse with your electrical setup using the near useless igniters included with the engines. I did that for a while and then just switched to using a lighter.

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I always love the BB gift guides. I found a few things on this list that I can vouch for.

First, the Suck UK lit bell jar remains awesome. Pricey … but awesome.

Sorry @jlw I don’t love my children enough to buy them this. They’ll get useless boxes instead, and LIKE IT. I do, sadly, own the exact model of bouncy house you pictured in this guide. It’s quite good.

I love the Pocket Operators, and the Pocket CHIP.

Kudos to @falcor for getting in on the action as well!

Don’t think we didn’t notice your safe trolling, either, Rob. Because we did.

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