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Since when are tiki mugs gadgets - star trek or no?

The product video for the Stylophone pocket synth is delightful!

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Doc (that is - Richard Nagy) and I had been bouncing emails back and forth and that was one of the names I suggested when he was proto-typing that keyboard.

Never have finished up my SteamPunk keyboard and now that I have almost no Steam Æsthetic left (save my goggles) I may never.

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Have all the links to these gadgets’ purchase pages been checked, @beschizza? I ask as I encountered a 404 error on Amazon, trying to get to the clear plastic padlock and lock-picking tools gift suggestion.


Looks like the product page simply went 404. There are several resellers of the same item and I updated it to a live one. Thanks for the heads up!


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Regarding the following:

Datamancer Sojourner Keyboard - Every time i see these mentioned my heart breaks because of his passing. I was a huge fan of Datamancer’s stuff, i recall trying to commission him to make me some steampunk goggles but he was in the middle of moving to a larger shop and just didn’t have the time. Happy that his keyboards are still being made but what a loss that he’s no longer making awesome shit.

Fagor 6-qt. Electric Pressure Cooker - These are god damn magic. I bought one for my mom and she uses it all the time, a cousin fell in love with it so i bought a second one for her as a wedding gift a couple of months ago. Highly recommended.

1 oz Calavera and Oracle coins - Umm. The Calavera Coins have been sold out for months. I am not kidding when i say that i’ve been checking the site every couple of weeks hoping they’ll restock (spoiler: They haven’t).


You’ve got the wrong reference…A Team didn’t use this helicopter.

You’re thinking of the pink “Screaming Mimi” from Riptide!

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Psh. Yeah right. Good luck finding one of these at $60 if at all.

Also I find Cory’s Womanizer recommendation to be rather … odd? Maybe because it’s a guy making a recommendation for a woman’s sex toy? I definitely had a brief “huh?” moment. I would imagine that I’d have the same reaction if I saw Xeni recommending a particular Fleshlight or penis pump.

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Thanks, Cory! Came for The Womanizer, left satisfied.


Be aware, those cufflinks are illegal in Massachusetts without an LTC (License to Carry, aka ‘a gun license’). Ammunition ‘parts’ are illegal for folks there without the proper licensure.

It’s a lot of fun to play with too.

thank you for correcting the oversite. I knew A Team was wrong, but could not remember the show.

the last item namely …the gift you give to someone you hate


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