Stylophone business card

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Teenage me would have geeked out over this!

(And we’re all teen age on the inside.)


Creative but utterly useless.

Now to make a card that looks like this, but pwns the PC via the USB port.


How is it useless?

Seems pretty memorable to me. If you want your business card/information to stand out, one can do worse.

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It pisses me off a bit that he can play his card better than I can play my keyboard. I mean, how many composers are really writing songs for the business card anyway?

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I like the little alligator clip wiggle at 4:09 as though that will modulate it. Aspirational.

Yes! “Don’t know what to do with it? I don’t want to do business with you.”


Really neat idea, but for communication purpose it’s a bit strange, you can’t give as much as you could like a real business card because it’s not as cheap. But I guess it fulfil its purpose anyway because we all know the guy now !
I guess most gimmicky business cards are like that, you don’t keep them on your wallet, you make good pic of them for the internet.

Oh my god. If you’re going to do a video that features your hands, clean your nails. Shudder.

Even with the plating on the keys, that alligator clip is pretty rough on it.

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don’t forget …always be practical
goes back a long ways

Googling for a guy who made a musical instrument out of his business card is apt to turn up more significant results than guy who made his business card on beige cardstock.

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