Bowie edition stylophone

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I always think it is slightly disappointing that Bowie himself didn’t play more saxophone on his own music. I love the sax solo on “Sorrow” but he didn’t play it. I guess he felt his strengths meant that time was better spent in other areas and you can’t really argue with him. The Space Oddity solo is brilliant because it starts off sounding like a sax and then you end up going “What the hell is that?”.


You might have warned us the first 20 secs or so were silent on that video. I thought my speaker had died. :wink:

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Kraftwerk edition stylophone


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I’m sure this has been explained previously, but I didn’t find anything when searching.

Why do I not see the gif? If I open it in a new tab, I see it.

I don’t know… I can see it. Anyone else having problem seeing it?

It seems to be a problem for me when the gif is inserted from another site.

I use either the gif thingie here or my own… that one was from the embedded gif thingie which goes to giphy, I think.

Can you see this one?


Maybe post a question about it here:

and signal @codinghorror in your comment. Maybe the discourse folks have some insight…

It’s a gif from the Simpsons that references Kraftwerk…

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I can see the gifs if I open them in a new tab.

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I guess it’s best not to mention the entertainer who was the official representative of Stylophone.

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