Moto X, a new telephone, has wood veneer option


I think you’ll find that the purchase was more about Motorola’s patent
portfolio than about it building a few phones.


Dear Moogle, put a goddamn keyboard on a phone. I understand that it’s not the popular way to use a phone, I don’t goddamn care, there’s plenty of room in every other market for minority users. Just do it.


My smartphone sports wood

I don’t suppose anyone in the USA would care to proxy-buy one of these for me? Only available on loathsome Rogers up here in Canada.

And just black or white. No wood, no colours. And we should be feel lucky to have the white option.

I was sad when the bamboo phone turned out to be vapourware.

Be a cold day in hell before I buy a Motorola, though.

As Yam said, pretty sure cellphones had little to nothing to do with it, but patents did.

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I know! With that silly Apple product you have to buy the skin separately!

I like it… I wonder how much the wood veneer will add to the price though. I desperately need to upgrade from my Nexus One but I think I’ll most likely go for the next Nexus. This is the only other thing that’s come out that’s even vaguely tempting though, and if the wood veneer isn’t too expensive…

A reporter on NPR was discussing this phone. Although everyone is saying the purchase of Motorola was for the patents, there’s a segment - at least on NPR - who think the move was to get into building physical products. Let’s face it, out of the hundreds of Android phones out there only a few manufacturers make a decent one. Plus if they control the production of their own phone they can rest assured that they have you in their marketing grip.

And yea. If this always ports the latest Android and the crapware is at a minimum I would consider one of these.

Four wood options, one of which is actually grass and the other three are unsustainably harvested endangered tropical hardwoods. Nice one, Moogle. Don’t be evil.

Hmmmm. I used several Android platform phones, before recently switching to a Nokia WP (which I really enjoy using: simple, clean, glitchless, and fast). But a relatively bloatless version, accented in wood? I could be tempted by that proposition. I did rather like the build of the one Motorola phone I had, many moons ago, and I very much like the idea of domestic production…


I managed to re-herniate my lower back today, so it might just be the pain medication, but I could have sworn they were casually mentioning some sort of edible password key, too. Sure, why not!

Dear Technology/Gadget Overlords:

Please slow down. I’m officially dizzy, and would like to enjoy my latest nice thing for at least ten minutes before you roll out the next. Thanks.

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So is wood veneer going for that retro eighties Sony VHS player and Station Wagon aesthetic? Damn it, I like my shiny new devices to LOOK like shiny new devices!

I thought the main reason Google bought Motorola was to fight the patent trolls.

Does it come with Anti-Termite!

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