Google's version of the W3C's video DRM has been cracked

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Yup. That’s a huge problem. Well get right on that.


The funniest thing is that the security researcher protection would help the DRM implementers the most, since a lot of the flaws in the DRM implementations will enable breaking the encryption as in this case, particularly since major browsers are sandboxing the extensions to limit their ability to interact with the rest of the system.

Not that it won’t negatively affect consumer security as well, of course.

I wonder what kind of logic contortions led to that idea.

As a user, of course I would like my browser to be secure. But I’m not going to worry that it may allow me to ‘steal’ the content that I’m already watching at the time (and have therefore presumably paid for or otherwise acquired permission to access). That’s really low on my list of security concerns. It ranks somewhere below the concern caused by the ‘vulnerability’ that the browser doesn’t enforce a maximum brightness on webpages and therefore all the radiation from my monitor when looking at a webpage with a white background may cause me to mutate and become a supervillain. That would be a higher priority vulnerability.

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