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The problem with DRM [is] the way it… make security researchers vulnerable to legal retaliation from companies when they come forward with vulnerabilities…

I’m not sure I understand why anybody does this to begin with. Is it a paying job, or just a chance to show off one’s 1337 sk1llz? A vulnerability in the internet is a valuable commodity, and if Microsoft or whoever is going to sue you for giving them that intel for free… I’m pretty sure there are people out there willing to pay a lot better than that.


I can guarantee you that there are people selling vulns to the NSA or whoever will pay more.

I would like to think that there is at least some support for digital good Samaritans who take any discovered items directly to the lost and found.


Not if they get prosecuted.


No, it’s cool, man. The DRM in HTML5 has exactly zero vulnerabilities, and never, ever, EVAR breaks. Why would we need researchers to look into such a thing?


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