How standardizing DRM will make us all less secure


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[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:77625”]which also gives media giants the power to threaten and sue security researchers who discover bugs in their code[/quote]Seems to me the “power to threaten and sue” hasn’t really proven to be much of a detriment to anyone in the past.


Please see the record on this from last summer’s DMCA hearings at the US Copyright Office:


Cory, I think you might need to work on metaphors that grab non-tech humanoids.

Somebody discovering a dangerous flaw in a popular gun could report that flaw, warning potential victims and forcing the manufacturer to correct it.

When a similarly dangerous problem occurs in a car, it is illegal to report the flaw due to DMCA/etc


Deadly flaw in 1994 Dodge can be openly disclosed to prevent injuries.

Deadly flaw in 2014 Dodge cannot.


When it’s a criminal offence to share information about safety issues, only criminals will share information about safety issues. (gun lobby argument)

Feel safer?


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