GOP governor refuses to believe Oklahoma has a higher crime rate than New York or California

“She” wonders if the CDC is good enough for you:

|South Carolina|12.7|
|New Mexico|10.7|

Adriana Rezal contributed reporting to this article.


And they from their often blue metro areas…

No, not all of us, actually. Please don’t play into this BS mindset that the south is “solid red” and the north is “solid blue” because that’s just not the case. The very blue metro area of ATL is larger than some entire states…

That is precisely it. They have signaled over and over again that the goal is taking control of the whole country. None of us are safe as long as they are controlling the GOP. The entire party needs to be purged of the fascist wing, or we’re all fucked.


American police have laughably low training standards compared to most other wealthy countries. There are lots of places in the U.S. that have less stringent training standards for cops than for cosmetologists. You can be a gun-totin’ peace officer with the equivalent of a single semester of training or less.

Of course that brings up another important question: why should the public pay for all these cadets’ police academy training but not, say, a public school teacher’s college tuition?


Magatown for now but I hope the 2022 midterms begins to turn that around. Of course I also hoped Trump would lose in 2016.

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