Gopi (cow herd girl), a photo in the Boing Boing Flickr pool


Gopala Gopala Devaki Nandana Gopala…

Seeing that lovely picture of a gopi and this was immediately repeating in my mind. Here’s some Krishna Das (with some cheesy visuals haha) that might stick it in your head as well. At least, if you are prone to that sort of thing…

Edit to add another link, this one for Radhe Shyam . (Look at one picture on BB and my whole morning gets kirtan-ed… heh.)

Really tired of Boing Boing using steretypical images from India. This few weeks after you incorrectly called people who live in New Delhi/Delhi as ‘Delhians’ instead of ‘Delhiites’.
I feel (and I’m biased Delhian BoingBoing reader for many years) that may be something new from India can be shared for a change?

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