GoPro Hero 3 or 3+ charging kit


Wasabi power is the easy decent quality solution for all your battery and charger needs.

…and what are those video settings that your video editor Eric recommends?

The company that makes the Wasabi charger also makes other branded chargers.

I recognize the charger’s shape. I purchased a a charger, 12DC cord, a pair of batteries (both twice the capacity of the factory battery) for my Panasonic video camera - at half the price of the factory battery. Great stuff!

As we say in French: beau, bon, pas cher!

I’ve had good luck with Anker brand chargers & batteries (for my Galaxy Note); they might also have a worthwhile alternative battery if you’re looking for something like this for a different device.

Looked up my Nikon D3100. 1300 mA (Wasabi) vs 1050 mAh (Nikon). Not really enough of an improvement.

I suspect that the Nikon batteries are much more expensive. The Nikon Quick Charger is more than twice the price of the Wasabi and doesn’t come with a car adaptor.

I’m a stills photographer who doesn’t use liveview. And I don’t have a car.

Well, you could use it in a 12V adapter on your yacht, no?

/You shoot stills? Like stills used for alcohol? Talk about specialization.

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I’m still not sure how I feel about GoPro as a company.

And within that thread, there’s info on (apparently) superior alternatives to GoPro products.

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