GOP's vote-gettin' 8-bit platformer (isn't very good)


Obligatory, “The only way to win is not to play.”


to the death?

To the painnnnnn


You don’t win. You just do a little worse each time.


There are later levels where you get to squash voting rights and labor unions, and I hear the end boss is the entire middle class.


points at the awful, 8-bit platformer

Dear God! What is that… thing?


I wonder if Codemasters will go after them for intellectual property infrigement?

I wonder if the cheat code ITCHY ARSEHOLES works on this one too?

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This is so badly made I could actually believe it was programmed by a Republican senator.

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Remember Bushgame 2004? The one that ends with John Kerry going Voltron? Now that was something. Of course, that had some reasonably-talented people behind it, and they had such rich material to work with.

A republican game? it should have been a first person shooter


This is about as similar to the GOP game as The Elephant Man is to an actual elephant.

Well, we should beat them at their own game - make a good 3D shooter where you can kill the likes of the damned Pat Robertson. (did you see him call Robin Williams a heathen? Jesus, he doesn’t even have respect for the dead when it comes to his money making machine)

I’ve worked out what it is about this that feels off.

At some stages you can clearly see the elephant moving to the left.

Totally unrealistic.


Dick Cheney’s Deadliest Game Hunter?

Dick Cheney’s Associate Hunt

Every time you fail to shoot your hunting partner in the face George W pops up and starts laughing at you.

“We need to reconnect with young Americans.”

“I hear they like Atari.”

“Do that. Do one of those. Make it colorful.”


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