Difficulty slider in the new South Park game


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I saw that on Whatever. Friggin’ hilarious IMHO…

Also the only reason I will probably ever have to watch someone else playing video games.


They were told the difficulty of the game affects the amount of money you receive and the way other characters speak to you throughout the course of the game.

Seems legit.


Difficulty slider in the new South Park game

I have one that I apply to my daily life, you should too.


Funny how quickly Libertarian dudebros are turning on Parker and Stone here. Poor babies, forced by other libertarians to face the fact that America is not in fact some perfectly rational marketplace of colour-blind merit.


This is brilliant.

I don’t really have any more to contribute to the conversation but if it makes people think about inequality a bit more I’m all for it.


Ha! I was lucky to meet someone who explained this to me in simple simple terms many years back. The name of his band was the Black Jewish Homosexual Experience. If you’re reading - Sa’ad - you enrich the world with your deep weirdness and fatalism.


Brilliant satire. Brilliant game dynamic. Brilliant marketing.


I have the original game, Stick of Truth, and it is a master work. No only is it a solid RPG on its own, but it plays like you’re in an actual episode. It certainly spares no barbs with the satire common with the show. I played a white thief and I recall Cartman saying I was “A little white for a theif.” There is also a “Jew” class, of course.

This game is every shades of wrong and is the only game I literally laughed out loud to. I plan to get the 2nd one.

In the old one you could chose race and a lot of other things, but it didn’t affect the game play at all.


Luckily my White parents have great jobs and allow me, an adult White male, to spend my days & nights in their basement playing video games. Mom brings me down some food, life is good. I’ve never personally seen a Black person but I assume they have access to the same controllers and hardware I have… what’s the problem?


I am curious as to why some people are upset at South Park over the difficulty slider. It’s a joke, it’s social commentary, and it’s South Park. If they aren’t pissing someone off they aren’t doing their job right, they’ve been doing this from day 1 so why should the game be any different?

The creators of South Park are masters of biting commentary and taking jokes just far enough to make anyone uncomfortable. You’d think that by now their work wouldn’t be as good, but if anything they’ve gotten better over of the years.


They excel at daring to be fired by reactionary shallow thinkers.


And much smarter than repetitive crap like Family Guy or any Seth MacFarlane cartoon (but I repeat myself).


For sure, they’ve said as much. That their best jokes is them trying to go too far on purpose hoping that it will get censored. Meanwhile other shows try really hard not to upset anyone or have material flagged by censors.


Yep, he’s gone a few places like that, but then he seemed so impressed that he could that he kept going back to the same well repeatedly. Matt and Trey seem like a couple of people who are honestly bored by the artificial social boundaries that bore 4th graders, and have enough talent to keep finding and sending up different little facets of it, week after week.


At this point I’m more a fan of MacFarlane’s singing than his cartoons. I’m cautiously optimistic about Orvile, but I won’t be shocked if it’s another rehash of his formula.


It’ll still be funny when I’m high. I’m sure of that much.


I still think MacFarlane is a fairly funny and talented guy, i do have big problems with his overuse of quick fire jokes that go nowhere. It’s a detriment to his shows and if he showed more restraint they’d be much better for it. I do enjoy watching Family Guy and American Dad on the rare occasion, but it’s more of a time killer than anything. South Park i haven’t seen in years, one of these days i will have to rewatch it because i’ve missed a lot.

Side note: I’ve wondered what the South Park guys would do once they decide to move on from the show. Looking forward to the day, would be quite interesting to see what they’d come up with.


One interesting thing is - MacFarlane doesn’t actually DO much on Family Guy anymore. He doesn’t do the writing or directing, he just does the voices. I am sure he has SOME input, but there is a whole creative team.

South Park has been just Matt Stone and Trey Parker, with Parker being the lead. They have written and directed pretty much EVERY show.


Family Guy was never as good as The Simpsons in its heyday, but the past ten years just feel like groundhog day and there’s too much stupid humor to wade through for the occasional good joke. For me anyway.