Libertarian plate "may poison food"


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What’s with the nanny state warning label? The free market should decide whether it’s safe.


Disrupt the haiku
Counting syllables is just government regulation gone crazy
So is counting lines


It’s called a decorative plate.


Trying to tell me what I can or can’t do? LOL I’ll show you!!


It’s surely not a chicken in every pot.


Discipline of groups is not so much unlike that of individuals. Meaningful regulation and discipline come only from within.


Says the same thing on my Boba Fett’s Slave I DECORATIVE plate with gold on the rim.


That’s…the point of this joke: the libertarians are so lost in their fantasy that the irony of a warning sticker that demonstrates how toxic the results of their beliefs are, is lost.


cough actually, self policing comes from certain phases during childhood and grows on as the child matures, with the child referring to this foundational ruleset to base new rules upon as new situations and consequences reveal themselves.


I meant from a more positivist perspective, you get rules by implementing a system. I was not referring to any sort of “policing”.


I think they use mercury to get the gold on it.

I don’t remember Boba Fett arguing that warnings like the ones on the back of decorative plates should not be required though.


Screw warning labels.
Natural selection rules!
Eat off this fine plate.

  • Libertarian warning haiku, circa 2016


Seems like a perfectly libertarian plate to me. The libertarian replacement for product safety laws is individuals suing companies for releasing defective products, right? To head off lawsuits, one could simply slap a warning label on it. So Libertarianland would be awash with dangerous products with warning labels.


A real libertarian plate wouldn’t have a warning at all. It would have a EULA stating by using the plate, the company isn’t responsible for what happens to you from eating off it.


But not all Libertarians are so extreme.

Also - even assuming they did want to get rid of all warning labels, they current law says they have to be on there, so… you know. Gotta follow the law.


So… Boba Fett and Libertarians may both be bad for your health?


I’m remembering this overheard conversation from Mass Effect 2:

[quote]Asari1: Trust me. The goods coming in from the Terminus Systems are great for business.
Asari2: I don’t know. Some of them seem dangerous.
Asari1: That’s the whole point. Danger means more contract work for us. For example, you know that new drug, the one that causes permanent neural scarring?
Asari2: That’s horrible!
Asari1: There’s a 12 page contract for shipping, then a waiver for use. I charged for 50 hours, plus overtime.
Asari2: You can sell something that dangerous with just a contract and a waiver?
Asari1: These are the Terminus Systems. Everything’s dangerous. And everything’s for sale. Either we tax and monitor it to keep some control, or the smugglers get a monopoly.
Asari2: I don’t know. That still sounds like an awful thing to legalize.
Asari1: All the dangers are right there on the package. It’s legally required.
Asari2: Who reads labels, though?
Asari1: So consider it a way to weed out the people too stupid to know their limits. [/quote]


I know, libertarians are a wide and varied group. (Says the woman who insists on identifying as libertarian-socialist, despite the protests of a few people here. I doubt the Libertarian Party would be happy with my ideas though.)


If Boba Fett is after you, he is definitely bad for your health.

So feared, they removed the firing rocket feature from the toy to prevent choking hazards.

I am betting the inks or how ever they get the image on is toxic. Gold accents on fine china aren’t toxic, I don’t think. Just don’t microwave it!