Libertarian party presidential ad


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Jesus, buy a pro mic, and spend a few dollars on someone who knows how to run a mixerboard.

Clippy clippy. The meter isn’t always supposed to be in the red.

Also, 360p? Did they shoot this on a Motorola Razr?

The quality of their ad’s production is a beautiful example of how libertarianism puts the cart before the horse and doesn’t even consider the basic, low-hanging fruit of any project, much less governance.


Also, Weld’s eye-roll could use some work.


Bill’'s COME OOONNN blowing out his unmonitored mic really pulled the room together.


Airborne minidirt y’all


The inherent problem with their pitch is the same with every other presidential candidate’s pitch - they’ll have to work with a dysfunctional legislative branch of the government to get anything done that they purport they will do once in office. Executive orders only go so far.

And Libertarian Supreme Court Justices would ensure that women, minorities, gay people, and transgender folk will have all the social freedoms they want and a few they don’t, including the right to die at the hands of a gun-wielding 2nd amendment hero.


Didn’t make it all the way. Does it end with two pink-faced men saying, “We’re the Koch brothers, and we approve this message”?


If they had Koch money, they’d be able to pay for half-decent production values.


Their social positions are just way too liberal (pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-marriage equality) for most Republicans, so if they attract any side more than the other, its going to be Hillary/Bernie supporters.

Thus, using ineluctable electoral mathematics…
a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Trump.


Sadly, a lot of dupes adopt Koch-head values without ever receiving any Koch-dollars.


There are divisions in the GOP camp, there is a bloc of people who have been trained to loathe Democrats from birth but don’t really want a theocracy. The libertarians appeal to them, so they could peel off a few votes from Trump. If a former Sanders supporter were gullible enough to drop a vote for Corporate Liberty, they were always a wild card.


You should trust your instincts on this one. (That’s good advice for any situation involving unwanted threesomes, metaphorical or otherwise.)


Me neither, which is a character flaw, I’m sure. But I just watched a documentary about social movements in the 70s and realized yet again that America is one step forward, 14 steps back. New slogan: Let’s make it two steps forward!


The very nature of advertisements is to play up the positives and downplay the negatives. Sure, Johnson/Weld seem reasonable and likeable compared to Trump, but for most people Hillary is likeable compared to Trump, and ultimately even diarrhea is preferable to Trump (hey, it really “cleans you out”, knowwhatImean?)

The devil is in the details. Their states did well under their governance in the 1990’s, but it was a time when the whole US was doing well economically, and they had to work with Democratic legislatures which tempered their Libertarian natures some (like the urge to privatize state services at every corner.)

I suspect these guys would be “okay” running the executive branch, but it’s still not the direction I would prefer.


Any threesome involving a libertarian is, I believe, inherently selfish, right? Everyone responsible for their own pleasure? Or maybe I have their philosophy wrong … but I don’t want to test it.


Been there, done that, plan to just go it alone next time.


This would seem to suggest (unsurprisingly) that Johnson gets more support from Republicans.

A vote for Johnson is only a vote for Trump if you were going to vote for Clinton otherwise. Now, a vote for Stein, perhaps…


I’m wondering if these are the same monkeys that typed out Shakespeare in a room. Probably not.


Close! That’s the other room, for the ones that figure out that typing and masturbation are basically the same thing.


Oh, hell. I graciously submit to your superior wit. :slight_smile: