Gorgeous, stylized portraits of vintage computing hardware


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These photos made me feel funny… “down there”


Oh man, just look at that beautiful Cray supercomputer! I can almost feel the vector processing coming through the screen.


Cray has always had a good sense of style


I don’t think this is photography. More like some great CGI using photographs as templates.

Even if you allow that the person somehow obtained a pristine machine, lighted it perfectly, in a perfect studio, with a perfect backdrop: just look at the color schemes, how the colors on the computers themselves match the background color, on almost every single “photo”.


I want a coffee table book of full bleed images with pages of text describing the architecture, innovations, and some sample code for each machine. Is that too much to ask?


Beautiful! But some of these need something for scale, like a banana.


Hell, it’s probably doing tensor processing! [took an entire course in tensor analysis. The book was so awful, I still can’t really tell you what a tensor is outside of calling them generalized vectors. Got a B in the damn course tho]


Can’t wait to see if they do the Indigo!

(Also, /nev/dull is brilliant and I wish I’d thought of that.)


I recently viewed an Fstoppers ad for a product photography course. (It’s $300-- not cheap, so I pursued it no further).

some of the previewed techniques show how to stylize photos in this way-- and the results look a lot better than those in this computing book.

here’s a free lesson by the same author


“Tenser, said the Tensor.
Tenser, said the Tensor.
Tension, apprehension,
And dissension have begun.”


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