Gorgeous tiny synthesizers in wooden boxes


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/08/gorgeous-tiny-synthesizers-in.html


I want one.

Actually, I want all of them.


They do not appear to be for sale, yet. :neutral_face:


I am both a) sad they’re not for sale, yet also b) somewhat relieved, because his products tend to be priced rather outside my impulse-buy window …


Same here on both counts. I kind of like it that these are not (yet) for sale.

I build one-off mini guitar amps and generally just give them away to my guitar-playing friends, but they are nowhere near the build quality or design of these beauties.


How amazingly adorable!

And at first I thought the key tap sound would be distracting, but it kind of adds to the charm.


Pretty sure that’s supposed to read Cherry keys.
Not that the colours of the keys aren’t cheery as well, but…


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