Cool $59 pocket synthesizers from Teenage Engineering



Nice! But how are they controlled? Plug in a MIDI keyboard?

Based on the symbols on the keycaps in the case you can buy for them, it looksT like it is a step-sequencer. I imagine you just step through the patterns and dial the note up or down manually. The press release makes it sound that they are not likely suited to live improvisation.

Still! It’s more affordable than the Moog rereleases!


It ain’t $55,000, that’s for sure.

Per full article, strictly through the buttons.

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They tried to pass out a beta version to guests at Moogfest (but got delayed in customs). They’re similar except without the screen – here’s an in-depth video of how it’s used and sounds:

… I love my op-1 and can’t wait to try these!!


That rhythm one would annoy the crap out of my wife. When do they go on sale?


I still haven’t spent enough time with my theremini.

Will that stop me from getting one of these?



The name and the overall aesthetic makes me think of one thing:

[Kraftwerk "Pocket Calculator"][1]

With the Korg Volcas covering analogue grooveboxes and now these even cheaper little calculators now is a great time to be into cheap hardware.

Couldn’t justify the OP-1 but it’s an innovative package, Teenage Engineering really are creative.

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Operators are standing by (robotically)!

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Based on the demos, still not as cool as the low priced Korg Volcas either.

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