New thingy from Teenage Engineering is $1200

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After close scrutiny of my finances, I will live very well with out that.


Twiddley buttons! Sliders!

Futurama Reaction GIF


I had a good laugh watching Mr. Corman when JGL would jam on his OP-1, in his spacious apartment, on a teacher’s salary


sour_duck sez: looks like a mockup (‘fake it til you make it’) just look at that bottom row of buttons, and those fingernails! plus, for the rabid audiophile: this waveform shaping is done in the digital realm, not analog [distant shriek mode]. anyway, looks cool, hope those-damn-kids make lots of money.


I love Teenage Engineering’s stuff though they do know how to charge. An audio interface and mixer at that price point would not usually be so small and battery powered.
If I was dropping a grand on a hot off the presses Swedish box today it would probably be this though:

They make enviable gear in Sweden.


Sounds like you can use it to mix the different Pocket Operator devices, and I would guess still have them communicate/sync with each other.

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Interesting widget if I was into that field; however, ol’ tin ear here will take a pass. (although the pocket operators look… interesting, if only for some of the more creative possibilities they possess.

That looks pretty sweet, but only 2 lfo’s? I’ll stick with my o.g. Rytm.


But does it go to 11?


Typical Teenage Engineering: “How about we build an audio interface? You know, something simple in a small format.”

6 months later: “Six channel audio interface / mixer, with FX, built-in synthesizer, sequencer, Bluetooth inter-op, user configurable UX, with a special mode for DJs… $1200.”


I just picked up a Zoom R16 from Craigslist for $200, and it can do a whole lot of these things as well as take 8 XLR inputs in one go. Teenage Engineering makes some sweet kit, but dang this is over the top.


I mean, sounds like the small size and being battery-powered are features


The hand in the picture is a bit creepy

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Hmmm…I am only interested if they add a hand crank to it


A few notes here.

This is a departure for TE in that its computer connectivity is a feature and that it uses a rechargeable battery i.e. its not ‘off the grid’ as their other products.

I have a couple of Volcas, a Microphreak and a Pocket Operator (as well as electric guitars mics and a voice) and the best piece of gear that I’ve bought is a cheapish Soundcraft mixer. Great EQ and long travel faders have totally revolutionised my music workflow - the ability to micro adjust volume and the power of flexible and musical EQ is a real eye opener for me.

As much as I WANT ONE I don’t think I need one as I find the small form factor is desirable for my crowded real world desktop I’m more happy giving up some space for a chunky mixer. I don’t spend much time on planes, at festivals, camping or living the ‘lifestyle’ that is TE’s market.

Having said that I love their stuff… WANT ONE

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It’s two assignable per track so 24! That said I think this is really a replacement for the Machinedrum and like that doesn’t do samples. For that reason I’m sure you are right to stick with the Rytm.

Absolutely but I just can’t see huge upsides. You’ll likely be beside your music making gear and can run USB out or you will have power supplies anyway in almost all cases. Even on the page that the post links to the device is USB connected (probably to avoid wire spaghetti look ruining its lines). The small size means that they have limited room for I/O - so you will not usually find anything like this without mic inputs and preamps. There wouldn’t remotely be room on this. Audio interfaces at this price point would also usually have more focus on the DSPs and the processing. It looks pretty light compared to the competition there. I’m sure there will be excellent firmware updates but the processing seems meh compared to -
And the synth sounds sketchy compared to say:
Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre – Thomann Ireland

As I said TE usually do know their USP but I struggle to see it here. Like I get it that the OP-1 is overpriced but if it works for you there is/was literally nothing like it at all.


Uggg… kids these days.
This is the pro audio I live & breath everyday. Go away with your 3.5mm stereo jacks… pshhhh.


For $1200 you get:

• a pocket-size audio mixer
• a digital audio interface
• a MIDI sequencer
• a digital synthesizer
• a DJ mixer
• a WIFI hotspot
• something to whip out at parties and show everyone who’s boss

Seems like a lot of money, but Teenage Engineering gear doesn’t lose it’s value and may actually appreciate, considering they are made in limited numbers.

Really you are investing in yourself. So the question is, are you worth it?



Teenage Price Gouging is more like it.

It’s laughable that they think the value of this product is over 3 digits. There are so many unanswered questions about the specs and features.

For this product to be taken seriously, it would need XLR connections and 3.5mm jacks for things like real microphones and audio equipment.

What is the polyphony of the synth/drum engine? Simultaneous FX? Judging from the buttons, I’m guessing two, and that’s not a mean feat for even a $100 ZOOM unit that sits on a guitar strap.

This product does answer some of the glaring issues that exist in TE’s grossly overpriced OB-4 Bluetooth speaker. Namely, how to use it as a PA for those ubiquitous outdoor Pocket Operator jams that seem to be all the rage these days. (I kid, I kid.) The one plus I see for this product is the fact that it’s battery powered. Overshadowed by its monster price.

Yeah, as mentioned above, I’ll find it super easy to live without it.

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