Making a song from the Tropic Thunder "I'm a Dude" quote with Teenage Engineering's amazing OP-1


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OP-1 is awesome, particularly for youtube producers. Because in addition to being pretty capable, it’s fun to watch people work on it! Personally I prefer the synthstrom deluge for all-in-one-box song producing/remixing. But I must admit, it’s not nearly as photogenic.


Nice video, but Red Means Recording did the same schtick first, but better.


I had forgotten just how expensive that was. I think I can afford the refrigerator magnet among the cheaper eBay prices. That makes the OP-Z seem downright affordable. Someday I might pick up a Pocket Operator, but I always manage to talk myself out of one because I can’t afford justify all 9 of them.


this seems to be the best unintentional ad for this I’ve yet seen. Just found out that the knobs interface with lego bricks. brilliant.


I have no musical ability whatsoever and this thing looks like a whole lot of fun.


I don’t think it’s responsible to give that kind of money to a teenager.

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Not even a teenage engineer?

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It’s like I told my wife when she wanted to stop at the ranchero market to pick up some chicharrón, which I do not eat.

“Well, to each their own.”


I like em both! But some of this dubstep or electronic sounds like two robots arguing. Or dancing. Or screwing. Or something.

Extra points for using Tropic Thunder as one of the inputs. One of my all time favorite movies.


Really enjoyable to watch/listen… Wish I knew anything about sound design… looks like a ton of fun!


Am I right to assume that by pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody?

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Each of the nine do something different. They are surprisingly capable. Here’s a nice intro:

They are not accidentally (I assume) inspired by Nintendo’s Game & Watch.

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(In case my reference was too obtuse)


I was not familiar with that song, so unfortunately the reference was lost on me.
To attone, I offer the following:

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This was so similar to Red’s method of presentation that I assumed it was his until the it said “recording to tape” instead of “red means recording”

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