Gorgeous triple spiral of 15K dominoes comes tumbling down


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/12/gorgeous-triple-spiral-of-15k.html


Very impressive! Nice start to a Monday!


That had flair.


Nice. I like the destruction of the final phase. Makes it properly “final”.


How the fuck did that take just 25 hours to build?!


The collapse of the elevated, aqueduct-like structure was especially pleasing :smiley:


Awesome, Ta!


Cool to watch, but I wouldn’t want to set it up.


“Yay! Now do it again, Mommy!” said every kid everywhere.


For me, the most surprising part of the falling sequence was when the single row of white dominoes was falling.

How they were able to fall along that curved path without falling from their elevated position speaks to the precision with which they were placed.

Very impressive and fun to watch.


I’ve never felt more One with 15K little plastic tiles!


Best mandala, ever.


n/m :slight_smile:





Boing Boing is making it impossible for me to complete productive work today, and I approve.


Exactly! All the white ones stayed on the top!

I was wondering how you got to be a ‘professional domino artist’, but maybe I will try something easier. Like lion taming.


are they regular dominoes? - where are the dots?

or are they special “falling domino” dominoes? - extra light, extra square? - weighted at one end to make them more stable?

bing right back… aha, of course, hevesh5 spills the beans - http://www.hevesh5.com/buying-dominoes/


That was fun! And pretty!


Double-six or double-nine? :stuck_out_tongue: