Watch a giant domino tower fall after 7 hours of building with 3,242 dominoes


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I would be making the paint peel off of the walls with my profanities at that moment, I think. Good on them for their self-control.


What would happen if I did it with just one extremely tall domino?


didn’t look like they had space for 10 more layers, as they were pretty much at the ceiling there.

Also, is it too soon for tower collapse videos?


Cue the conspiracy theories to show how it could not possibly have collapsed naturally the way that it did.


It’s a veritable house of cards!!


Dominos DO NOT structurally fail at room temperature! #dominotowertruth


“Ten layers from being the second tallest” makes it sound like the third tallest. And even if it was only in the top ten, that’s still higher than I ever did with World of Goo!


too soon



It is possible that the large open end of the duct work above the tower pushed it over with a gust of air.


10 layers away from being the second tallest tower in the world when it randomly collapsed.

I’m no physicist, how do we know the collapse was random?

And I’m no dominatrix, but were those actually dominoes?


I don’t know. But it immediately brought that other tower collapse to my mind. The similarity was surprising.


lateral thinking, yo


And that was only its first three dimensions


Best Jenga game ever.


When one zooms in and enhances, you can clearly see that her bracelet set the whole thing off.


Inb4 the DominoGate trolls start whining about girls.


Ya know, that’s probably why Lego were invented.


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