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If anyone else want’s to know why, here some explaining: Welcome to BBS, our new discussion boards

If you have to promote your comment system, it isn’t working.


Not sure if that’s necessarily accurate. That said, the process for signing up for the new system was kind of a hassle, and has probably discouraged a lot of (already Discus-having) casual participants.

For me – and I imagine many others – getting set up with the new system involved 1) poking around for a bit to see if I was valued enough to just get ported (sadface, guess not), then 2) a re-access/password reset for a dormant WordPress account and, 3) a signup/password choice for Gravatar account, just so I could 4) have a avatar image that didn’t look like an Amish quilt.

That’s a lot of hoops to jump through, if you only want to drop an occasional comment from time to time, and I imagine a bunch of folks just opted out.

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If it isn’t working, then why use it to say so? Honest question.

We are working on local avatars, if Gravatar is a stumbling block. That should arrive in the next month or so.

Heaven forbid someone should take issue with the way in which you english.

Actually, I think the discussions have been great so far. I’m simply inviting more people to the party.

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The way in which I English what?

was asking about why someone would use a system to communicate the idea the system used to communicate was a useless way to communicate ideas.

Seems rather self defeating.


was using english to take issue with the way in which you use the language.

Seems like a way to increase the quality of the system from within its boundaries.

That’s umbrage, not issue, if I read you right.

I’m sure I am a terrible person for saying so, but I really do not like this comment system. Replies posted twice, hard to follow threads, and it just seems so freakin old school. Along with the flashback blog posts, I’m feeling like BoingBoing is going backwards. Love you guys forever, but dang.

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