Grammar pedant's mug obeys Skitt’s Law


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Took me a while, but I found its.


… Nope, not seeing it.

I’ll just leave this here instead.

the typo on this angry grammar scold’s mug.


posession vs possession


Posession: its 9/10th of Skitts law.


“Muphry’s Law” is clearly a better name.


Magnificent! The only thing it left out was too/to. :joy: :+1:


Your write!


So much fucking.


“It’s fucking boring” becomes “it fucking is boring”. How… boring.


So only two things?


Ah, self-righteousness. Such a dangerous state of mind.


How about:

figuratively: fucking metaphorically speaking
literally: really actually is in fact objectively fucking true


But we know better, right?


Damn strait!


Sure, but it goes super well with coffee.


Stupid affect/effect people. Both are nouns and verbs. I use the noun “affect” all the time, and use the verb “effect” every chance I get (which isn’t really all that often).

I think it was Jimmy Carr who I heard, “Possessio is 9/10ths of the word” from.

Actually, according to this mug “it’s fucking boring” becomes “it fucking is fucking boring”.

Or alternatively:
literally: non-fictional unless the word “literally” is being used figuratively, since any English word can be used figuratively and “literally” isn’t a magical exception


figuratively: fucking metaphorically speaking
literally: actually having sex


Also, technically, there should be a double quote, not single quote around the word “are”.


Um, affect is also your fucking body communication of your internal emotional state. And effect is a fucking verb as well as a noun, and means to fucking bring something about. HTH.