#Literally, a new game

  1. Use “literally” liberally
  2. Correctly, or incorrectly.
  • You’ll literally explode with laughter when you see people react to using it the wrong way
  1. PROFIT!!!

? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?
Stainless steel martini shaker for $9

Literally, who’s holding my drink?

I’m literally thirsty.



Literally nobody is looking at this thread – post far and wee, my children!


I figuratively can’t even today.


You want us to literally wee?


And…I’m literally out.


Literally, another game?
@OtherMichael is literally a rule Nazi
I think that I just failed


It’s, like, so hot out right now. I’m literally done with it.


I literally literately read literature about literation. Now I’m literally literati with alliteration.


I literally love everything about this literally awesome gif.


This is literally a Nazi rule:


I literally spent hours making a comic strip about my hands’ failure to be conductors for a one-off joke.


I literally need to read this or my hands will be failures.


We literally can’t have that on our hands. :laughing:


I literally could not think of a single witty retort to this post all day.

You guys make it hard to keep up, sometimes.



You are literally just as smart as the rest of us, who are literal yahoos!


I agree, but ‘creative spontaneity’ is more what I meant. Sometimes my mom brain neurons are not firing as efficiently as they could.


I do know that I am literally as silly as any of the other mutants.


I tried to think of a SFW response to this, but I couldn’t drag mind my out of the gutter. Cliterally.


Literally, when I see the word littoral in a book, meaning this:

I write in a c in front of it. Because I’m literally a bad person!