Grand piano that looks like an undersea creature


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Do not buy. The blonde in the cocktail dress slides off every time she starts to sing Stormy Weather.


I bet Lady Gaga will be all over this; works perfectly with the McQueen shoes.


Step 1: Build worlds most unique looking Piano.
Step 2: Slap ugly, over-sized logo on the side so people don’t confuse it with some other brand.


So…not a piano but a digital piano on a very nice custom stand with a lot of text about “music’s nature…beauty of music and the everyday delight and joy of playing…”

Whaletone, we make very cool stands for your Yamaha digital!


Great, now I want one of those Fender Rhodes Student pianos.


Schimmel Pegasus grand piano designed Luigi Colani.


The artist Jim Shaw made a working upright piano that looks like a Roger Corman monster:


What? No affiliate link? Bummer, I just ordered up a nice one for $120,000. What’s the commission on that?


Sort of like this?


Wait, Really?

Isn’t this what a piano is supposed to look like?


Your picture’s not showing up, but I googled your text, and yeah. Somebody could get sued.

(Also, the Schimmel Pegasus happens to be an actual piano.)


This looks like a sculpture by someone in love with their disc sander. (hint: UGLY.)


To me it looks more like a namaqua rain frog


I thought this is what a piano is supposed to look like?:


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