Grandpa gets a little too carried away with the VR headset

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Man, 81, goes on rampage with HTC Vive VR headset



My favorite in that genre:


“Oh no we didn’t warn him!”


Man, what’s gonna be around when I’m 81…


When you’re in VR, it’s REALLY easy to lose track of your surroundings. If you just had on a blindfold and moved around, you’d have a sense that there was a wall or other item near you. But in VR you just lose that and accept your new surroundings.

I have a fairly limited space for VR stuff at home, so bought a small 3’ diameter round rug that I stand on. It’s been excellent at keeping me “grounded” as it were.


Haven’t read PA in years, but I was just thinking about this yesterday: I got Beat Saber pretty recently and one of the things I really enjoy about it is the complete dissociation from your visible body. Any kind of physical activity is, for me, inevitably very bogged down by anxiety about how ugly and ridiculous my body looks. But in VR, all I’ve got is the controller indicators and the physical space sense awareness that my body exists—I can’t get distracted by my reflection in the window or be struck by sudden worry about what a stranger sees when they glance my direction.

Do I look like an idiot in reality? Probably! (My partner, the only witness, is wisely keeping silent.) But the experience is SO much more enjoyable than moving my body around has been for years.


We had a headset at work and we took turns running the demo. You could hear everyone about you but you were in a wood with dinosaurs. Then you took off the headset. I was still at work but because of the large monitors, I still could hear people but to see them, which left a very weird feeling of “It’s okay, I know I still hear them in VR. But didn’t I take off the helmet? I remember taking it off”.

This is why they didn’t include melee combat in half life: alyx because you’re either going to end up breaking yourself, furniture, expensive vr kit or all three when there’s no force feedback yet your brain is still fooled into thinking it’s holding a heavy object to bludgeon those head crab zombies.

Very easy to think objects in vr exist in the real world…

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It’s all fun and games until you get knocked out by an 81 year old grandpa.

That guy seemed in really good shape for 81, good balance, fluid motions.

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I played the video, scrolled up to look at something, scrolled down, and then had to think of what I was looking at for a moment.



Thank god it keeps the old boy off the streets…he could be a serious menace if he got loose

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VR still isn’t to the point where I don’t get motion sick using it, though I did briefly try playing Beat Saber on a friend’s rig and it was fun and a decent work out. I like to think my pets would edge away if the tech ever gets to the point I can use it for more than a few minutes at a time.

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Aw, that sucks. I was worried about motion sickness when I bought the system because I’m very susceptible in real life (car trips, especially, a 45-minute car trip through fairly normal city traffic recently made me so sick I almost couldn’t walk)… but Beat Saber has thankfully been fine for me, though I’m not banking on any games that actually involve virtual motion of the camera not making me miserable.

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Perhaps in 20 years a common luxury-level home addition will be a VR room, like a full-blown “theater room” is today. Padded, with multi-speaker sound, multi-directional air movers, and a way to keep you in the middle.

I think that’s what Ready Player One is about, right?

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Provided we don’t annihilate our technological civilization, I think we’ll eventually invent a virtual reality capable, by some likely unforeseen means, of overcoming the inner-ear discombobulation from the visual context that I very strongly suspect causes my motion sickness. My lifelong favored athletic interests tend toward honing even my not particularly naturally talented proprioception (dance and a couple others), and I suspect that’s a significant contributing factor.

In principle I’m pretty confident it’s solvable. But for now I’m at a disadvantage to the present state-of-the-art. And right now I’m more concerned with us not immolating than whether I live to see the VR that I could enjoy sans headaches, not that it wouldn’t be cool.

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My vive wands are covered in paint scrapes from where I’ve accidentally punched the wall. Say what you will about the build quality of the things (and their terrible, awful, no good, very bad trackpads) but they’re sturdy.

One of my favorites still.

Is that a long way of saying “clumsy?” :slight_smile:

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Why say it with two syllables when ya can say it with seventeen? :smiley:

I embrace my tendency toward fun florid language. :wink: