Battle Daft Punk with Darth Maul style in VR rhythm game Beat Saber

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also what helps to ‘get a full combo’ is to not miss all the other notes you missed.

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Because I am not a VR gamer I don’t fully understand what the “tech” is. So, the guy is wearing VR goggles. Is he standing in front of a blue screen upon which is being projected the same view he is seeing inside his goggles? Is he holding a physical “light saber”? What is sensing his motion?

I went to the Beat Saber site but didn’t find out much more.

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Yes, to get the video the guy is playing in front of a blue or green screen.

Modern VR setups include the headset, a controller of some type and infrared motion sensors facing the person playing.
He’s wearing the VR googles, holding two controllers mounted together so that the main sensors point in opposite directions to mimic a 2 sided lightsaber (the actual game is with two controllers the size of remote controls with the saber part projected only in the game)

What he sees inside the headset is a stereoscopic view of the game (up/down/front/back/etc.) and the infrared sensors monitor his head and controller movements to understand what direction they are pointing to render the correct way he is facing and virtual lightsabers.

It’s quite fascinating when done right, tricks your mind into thinking you are in a whole different world. Beat Saber being one of the better games as the controls mimic the light sabers really well; Weighty only in the hand like a “real” lightsaber should, while mimicking visceral feel of chopping things with very little resistance.

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Got it! Thanks.

This almost makes me want to get a VR set; I wonder if I can play normal “tv” games with it, and just get a sort of “front screen” effect, to the size I want?
Also wondering if this game allows for custom colours; I’d love to have those bronze lightsabres from kotor 2.

You can do this. Technically speaking the picture is worse - after all, your whole field of vision is just a 1400x1600 display, so the virtual monitor is represented by even fewer pixels than that.

But as an experience, it totally still feels like you’re in front of an 8-foot wide high-res display showing your flat movie or game. It’s weird.

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This is pretty cool. I also forgot what an interesting song that was, there were all sorts of youtube choreography videos to this.

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