Graphic hilarity ensues when Silicon Valley ventures to East Palo Alto [Recap: season 1, episode 5]

For the record, it’s East is always worse than the west one. So it’s Virginia that’s the crappy one. Also, New South Wales, is just as crappy as old South Wales.

Or would this simply lead to California having a city named ‘The City of’?

Worked for Truth or Consequences.

The residence don’t want gentrification, or can’t afford it? Or more precisely, can’t afford it, and would rather live in a crappy dangerous place they know than a crappy place they don’t? Let’s be serious here. Gentrification means better services. Better schools. Less crime. Why? More valuable property means more taxes, and more taxes means more things.

When people romance these neighborhoods and “rich culture” that needs preserving, I think of the Onion’s Point-Counterpoint.

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