"This is a city for the right people, who can afford it"


Ah, the arrogance of the techno-elite “We’re so important that your public transit stops are of secondary concern”


If you can’t afford it, it’s time for you to leave.





(EDIT: So the guy turned out to be a union organizer. I no longer think he’s an asshole, but I disagree with what he did. Don’t make shit up: it gives the real assholes ammunition.)

Look, if you can't pay your rent, I'm sorry. Get a better job.

There needs to be a term for this. I think of it as “deafness caused by privilege” but there’s got to be something catchier to sum up this level of stupidity.


“turd sandwich” works well.


“I have money; I don’t live in anything as trivial as a world!”


Wow. How not to win friends and fail to influence people.

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I guess Google doesn’t host “compassion research days”. In any event, he got me out, so I guess he can rejoice in one victory during that cab ride to Mountain View.

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as an ex-15 year+ native of the Mission, I have never been happier that I left, and sadder for my friends still there.
fuck that guy, and his ilk.

Well, you know what, what don’t you go to a city where you can afford it? You know, this is a city for the right people who can afford it. If you can’t afford it, it’s time for you to leave.

I don’t think I have ever seen an example of elitism more clearly demonstrated than that utterance. (and I’ll bet he actually thinks he’s “pretty cool”.)
I find myself actually wishing for “the big one”.

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News flash: tech workers are socially inept, kind of dickish when interrupted.

FFS, the Google bus system is one of the most progressive systems for transporting employees in the world, and responsible for taking thousands of cars off the road, and that’s what you protest? Methinks the protestors need to get a better understanding of the actual causes of gentrification. And get on the zoning commission, and force mixed-income development.


Yeah, F that guy for trying to get to work right?


“corporate use of public stops and streets being a hot-button issue in the city, tied as it is to rapid gentrification”

It seems that a corporation providing mass transit for their employees to get to work would not only be environmentally sound, but would also serve to alleviate a slight bit of the horrendous traffic problem in the city.

Unless Google’s buses are somehow interfering with the public buses use of the transit stops, I fail to understand the purpose of the protest…

Yes, the guy comes off as a bit of a jerk, but he’s obviously frustrated and just trying to get to work. On the CWAA scale, he’s at a 1 of 10.

He’s also right, it makes sense to live somewhere where you can afford the rent, that’s why I don’t live in San Francisco myself.


The protesters are keeping people from going about their business, blocking the path of a private bus. Whatever the issue, however righteous it is, that’s not right. I’m sympathetic to their overall cause of seeing to it that long term residents aren’t priced out of their own city, but I can’t consider this a good way to go about it.


In a just world, that doucebag would get to work and then be summarily fired under a catch-all clause of ‘Bringing The Company Into Disrepute’ - then he could not pay his rent and could move out of the city, having been deemed to be not ‘the right sort of person’ - and he should be happy about it too. – Same sentiment might apply for the Union man organising a tedious false flag exercise….

I get the sense that this might be the start of a very bad week for Mr. Right People…


News flash: tech workers are socially inept, kind of dickish when interrupted.

So it’s because he’s a tech worker that the guy’s a dick? Or is there another reason you’re making an excuse for him? Sorry, doesn’t add up.

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I’ve updated the post and headline to reflect this:


As someone who was born in SF lives there now and is not in tech .
What points was he wrong about ? im in the transportation industry with what I would assume is much less formal education than this guy and i agree with him , I cant move to Malibu or Manhattan and complain about the cost of living .
“A city of 7 million people” absolute evdience this protester is not from San Francisco either !
There are not even close to 7 million people that live in SF


I was thinking the exact same thing. This guy is an a*hole, but what are these protestors accomplishing? Oh, we’ll remove one “corporate shuttle” off the streets, and we’ll add 10-15 cars on the road. This will help resolve the issue?!