Great deal on Nintendo "SNES edition" 3DS XL

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Quick note that this is a “New Nintendo 3DS XL” that “New” bit indicates that it has a slightly more powerful processor than the original 3DS which allows it to load 3DS games faster and run emulated SNES games. It also has face tracking for better 3D if that’s your thing.

If this sells out any you don’t ever want to run games in 3D you can get a 2DS XL for the same price. It looks and feels a little more like a toy but the build quality is good and it’s super durable.


My first comment about the first 2DS was this isn’t for small kids… this is for adults who get headaches from the 3D plus the non clamshell design is a win as the hinges just get too damn loose over time.

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The 2DS XL has the extra processing power (plus the c-stick nub that I forgot to mention) of the New 3DS.

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This might be a dumb question, but aren’t these retro systems basically emulators in nostalgic cases? What’s the difference between these and using a wireless controller with a computer and an emulator?

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This isn’t a retro system. It’s a modern Nintendo system with a retro skin that happens to be able to play emulated games provided by Nintendo.

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Gee, I thought these would have been long gone by now. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find any 3DS units in stores; the 2DS XL is much more common. And of course there don’t seem to be any noteworthy new games on the horizon, especially now that Warioware Gold is out. Perhaps they were encouraged by sales of the mini-SNES?

I wouldn’t expect them to make everything available, but It’s a little surprising just how few SNES games are available on the eShop.

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Even after setting up an emulator, I’d rather grab an actual console for play. It’s less tedious to set up, too.

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Just to point out this was a limited edition released back in 2016, so Amazon is likely trying to clear out unsold inventory.

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So… they sell the system without the AC adapter. If I recall from my original DS correctly, you need an AC adapter to charge the batteries. No?

I’m still tempted since adding the adapter would only be another $9-ish dollars.

But do I really need another gaming system? I probably do not.

Super Mario Cart.

KART with a K!


If you’re lacking the adapter, a much better idea is to buy a USB charging cable; you can get them as cheaply as $1, if you don’t mind forever-shipping from China.

Of course, those are completely unofficial and you do conceivably run the risk of terrible things happening, but there’s money to be saved.

That’s a possibility; however as you say, I would be running a risk and I’m not sure saving a few dollars is worth that.

My main issue is that I’m not sure I would actually play the thing enough to make the money worth spending.

I haven’t followed Nintendo DS gaming in a very long time, and while I did play games on my original DS a fair amount, it obviously wasn’t enough to tempt me to upgrade before now.

Does anyone have any DS games they would strongly recommend?

Well, unless you had a DSi XL before, the larger screen of the 3DS XL is kind of nice. Otherwise, it is indeed a teensy bit difficult to make a strong case for it.

It was the original Nintendo DS, and then I got a DS Lite a bit after it was available. After that I got an iPhone, and later still an iPad, and those are usually my go to for mobile gaming.

I’ll check out the list you linked. I’m still curious if there are any bbs members with personal favorites.

ETA from what I’m reading Nintendo is discontinuing the DS line of handhelds. Or maybe they aren’t, depending on who you believe

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