This SNES bluetooth game controller lets you play the latest games you love, retro-style

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Would love to see a review of this, especially from a Nintendo enthusiast and compared to the original Nintendo SNES controller. I really want to get my hopes up, but I’ve been disappointed by a lot of the USB retro system controllers I’ve bought. Tight controls are a hallmark of Nintendo, and critical for older games. So far, the best I’ve found for NES emulators is the actual Wiimote controller connected via Bluetooth. I haven’t found anything even close to adequate for SNES. Anyone have any experience with this controller or company?


Always thought the America-land version was bland in comparison to the EUR/JAP version.


8Bitdo is bringing the 8-bit gaming vibe back

No… SNES is 16 bit, people! 8 bits are for children!!


Windows NT* can do everything, thanks to 32 bit. When I had 32 Bit I also believe I can do everything.

*) yes, I’m old.


I’m a big fan of this one. I looked for years for a successor to my aging og snes pad before stopping on this one. It’s definitely the best I’ve used, I actually prefer it to my original, although the original is pretty old at this point. You could also pick up an original of ebay or something and use an adapter like this one. I have one of those as well and it works perfectly.

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I too would like to see some real world reviews, especially since the BB store items aren’t vetted in any way. I miss the day they used to curate their own recommendations based on their usage and quality.


iOS is mentioned, but does it Android?

Yeah I was wondering for the longest time what looked so off with the game pad… dang, doesn’t it look so much better with all those beautiful colors?

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Indeed! The Ricoh 5A22 processor was 16-bit, making it a BFD when it came out after all the awesome years with the 8-bit NES.

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From their web site:

retro design, same touch, same feeling.
original pushing button feeling
designed by professional company.
SNES30 was born for games

It’s a lovely site, actually:

Clearly, a company that uses the words “8-Bit” on their SUPER NINTENDO controller facsimile, should be trusted on their fidelity and attention to detail and accuracy of experience.


While nowhere near the quality of the Nintendo original (the buttons are loose and clicky, and the plastic feels somewhat cheap), the Buffalo does feel a bit more solid than most USB SNES knock-offs (but, then again, you can pick up those knock-offs for $4 a pop, so they’re good to have around for a game of Towerfall or whatever…).

Sadly, the Super Nintendo couldn’t compete with Sega’s BLAST PROCESSING.

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