Great Eames Office film on the Polaroid SX-70

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Great film, but Time Zero film never NEVER produced images that look that good.

Imagine a modern day equivalent; the ability to push an image from your smartphone onto a white square - just the square - no accompanying apparatus (besides your smartphone)

The design and function of the SX70 is amazing, but mine’s just desk decor now. My dad gave me two cameras when I was a teenager, and the SX-70 got a hell of a lot more use then the K1000 back then! Impossible Project film just isn’t usable, and at this point it never will be - they haven’t released a new product in three years. I don’t want a Lomo camera - I want my SX-70 to take lovely soft warm photos like it used to.

I can’t believe Polaroid couldn’t find someone to buy the rights to the film production process and continue making the film. Fuji makes essentially the same product for the Instax, and they still make color instant packfilm for the Land cameras.


It takes an extra piece of equipment, yes, but I’ve toyed with the idea of one of those “instant” printers for smartphones - the Polaroid Zink or the Instax film types. Just so spendy for a novelty gadget.


Check out The Impossible Project

Danger, recursion warning: I think that you need to read the comment that you’ve replied to… :wink:

Over 200 transistors!!!

Joking aside, they were some amazing little devices. Deeply clever design.

I like the impossible color film. The BW, while develops faster and doesn’t need a light shield, fades over time. Several shots I did last year (with 2.0 BW) are almost ‘gone’ now. And these were framed and cared for and not subject to heat or light after use.

Still it’s a good start for making SX70 and integral film come back with classic cameras.

However the film is very picky and can take an hour to develop (for the color) and is light sensitive as it ejects from the camera.

If you buy the Impossible Project Film…I strongly recommend getting it from their website. As it’s pretty sensitive to storage and time…something amazon doesn’t do well.
A couple of packs of color SX-70 impossible film were blue shifted…even tho the exp date was met before use…storage of that film is very important and amazon doesn’t do that well.

I wouldn’t even order it from the impossible project directly in the summer month because of it’s heat sensitivity.

Brilliant design; I remember reading somewhere how incredibly expensive it was to develop, especially the chemistry. I like that the video didn’t assume the audience wasn’t a bunch of morons, which seems rare these days.

I wish their film was remotely affordable for artists. I used to use 660 and 8x10 peel-apart Polaroid films in college for experimental photography, but a pack of 10 8x10 sheets is an astounding $199 through Impossible. They’re apparently working with Fuji to bring back 660-style peel-apart film, which I’m cautiously hopeful about.

Oh goodness yes. Edwin Land was a genius.

Maybe you mean Supersense? I think this was started by one of the Impossible guys.

Oh, you’re quite right, I had thought it was Impossible themselves. But yeah, €82 for 5 (!!) sheets of 4x5 peel apart film is way out of my “playing with photos for fun” price range, sadly.

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