The Polaroid Book: over 400 intriguing “instant photos”


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I would love to see more “cool tools” posts on Polaroids and modern instant cameras.

I’ve restored 3 billows Polaroids Camera recently for my personal use (two 360, a 100 and a SX-70–which was more a good cleaning and love).

Their are Three major types of Polaroid—ahh…Instant film. (Edit: In production today)

Peel Apart: Fuji 100c, a color film that fits in 'pack cameras like the 100-450 series which have billows. It also fits in “Big Shot” cameras (used by Andy Warhol)…the big shot requires a MagicCube flashcube to work correctly.

Integral Pack film: This is the classic SX70 film…used in Sx70, 600, Onestep, and Spectra camera. Impossible Project sells films for these. Each packs comes with a built in battery.

I shot a pack of the 2.0 BW last month…it was the hit of the party…The pictures were framed on the spot and given to the host. The 2.0 BW is great…and doesn’t need sheilding from light and unlike the 30-50 min devlopment time of the color…it develops in 5-10 mins in room light.

Modern Fuji Camera and Film; The “Instax”:
These are available at Wal-mart now…the “mini” takes small credit card sized pictures. While the “Wide” take pictures similar in size to the Spectra Line of the Polaroid.
Both of those develop outside side of the camera without worrying about light and peeling it apart. Very bright and vibrant ‘fuji’ colors.

FURTHER EDIT: For those with classic Land Cameras wanting to use the Flat pack Fuji film. Bend off the springs of those cameras you find the attic. Google “Fuji Film Jamming Problem” to get a better idea. Just to let you know before you go all Amazon and get disappointed.

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Here’s a sample pic…that’s a picture of picture. ( need to get these properly scanned). It was last month at the Selma remembrance. (Fuji 3000b film…Polaroid 100 Pack Camera) The tones look a bit sepia because of the picture of a picture thing in Incandescent light. IRL It has a very sharp BW classic tone.

We shot 2 packs and came back with 6 pictures. People really loved the camera and immediacy of a picture as a physical object. We ended up giving most away.

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