Great explainer on how glass top pool tables work

Well, I guess, but the Balls themselves aren’t either really disposable or a meaningful fraction of the cost of the table. HO train track aren’t any more DRM than this just because they don’t work with Z or N rolling stock very well…

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Neat, but I find the combination of the traditional 19th century ball coloring and the hyper-futuristic glass table jarring. Seems weird to not update the ball design to match.

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Hrrrrrmmmppphhh! Not going to say it!


I found the pool table surprisingly nice looking.

But that silver cue ball has got to go.

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ever since i was a young boy
i’ve played the silver ball


Finally, someone who understands the whole point of the glass pool table.

Yeah. If you’re going innovate, do it right. I want some damn mag-lev action in there. Hell, I’d like to see an implementation that doesn’t mess with the table, but uses balls with magnets for more interesting effects.

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