Great Language Game: can you tell the difference between spoken languages of the world


That was fun. I got a score of 750.

I did surprisingly much better than I thought I would. Still only scored 400, but I figured I would get very few of them right. They start you off fairly easy though, which is nice.

Edit: and then in my second try, I was up to 400 with 3 lives left and it crashed. Booooo!

I got 350 and a Guru Meditation Error!

But I cheated: It presented me with a number of languages which I know, leaving less room for judgement.

550 for me. Did much better than I expected. I paid a lot of attention to accents because I know very little about any non european languages.

  1. But I’m a lingual nerd.

Um, I don’t know why, but the commenting system turned “650” into 1.


800 and I barely know English. I missed Mandarin/Cantonese, Yiddish/German, and Latvian/Serbian. This was really fun.

OK, just checked the high score and it’s 15,050. My ego just got checked.

I scored 1150

I tripped up on Polish, Czexh and Shona(??)

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