Take this vocabulary test


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I had never seen the words temerarious, bema, or trachyte before, and I thought mixily was a word. (I still kind of think it’s a word…) For this, I get a 96 – 3 = 93%.


I was surprised to do as well as I did. 96% - 0%, no false positives.


93 for me also. I had the same feeling - I think if I had known how the test was structured, I’d have a better test. olivewood screwed me up. Even though I knew exactly what it was (wood from the olive tree), I answered in sub 1 second time. There’s something about the speed that also plays a factor in results.


Bleh, I said no to a couple of things I thought were words because I thought they were trying to trick me. Every single one of them was a word. I guess they weren’t trying to trick me.

A sad 89%.


You’re not going to trick me!

I didn’t spend all those years in school just to get out of it and take more tests!


I was never good at grammar in school so I became an engineer instead. I got 67%


I make up at least 10 new words everyday.


Is 27% gud?


64 ok 12 now it’s more than 6 bloody characters are you happy now nagging orange note are you?


Wow I am impressed with myself. there were a few I thought maaaaaybe on cause of all the esoteric crap I learned for scrabble and it shows. But I had a reasonable definition in my head for all my yes answers.


His name is Minnesotastan. You know, Stan from Minnesota.


Quality, not quantity people.

I have the best words.


I’m pleasant surprised, to afraid to talk and type a lot, but this seems not bad for a non native and somebody who never lived in an English speaking country.:slight_smile:

Yes, yes, I know. There is a big difference between knowing words and reading books and the communication talking/typing thingie (grammar…). But still not unsatisfied.


Well, now I’m going to have to rethink my “are you a mastodon, or a mastodont?” joke.


I got 96% adjusted down to 93%


another 93 percent. Fuck. I’ve got to stop hanging around literary types. I’m supposed to be elite, damnit.


I never even got those words. The spoilers are unnecessary with enough of a sample to draw on.


Not fair to use specialized medical/biology words. I mean this is some bullshit right here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ceratodus A genus of extinct lungfish? Fuck you.

And if we’re including those textbooks, “vasocyclic” is totally legit: “Of or relating to vasocyclin.” Suck it, Ghent University!


I’ve always been a terrible test-taker which is why I flubbed a couple I actually new, but still ended up with 93%.

It didn’t help that I was listening to this while taking the test.