Great price on the 6-quart instant pot

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It has a Porridge setting? That intrigues me.

it has a half-dozen settings I keep meaning to try: porridge, yogurt, congee, even fermented sticky rice. Mine usually gets used for hard boiled eggs.

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Nice, i personally don’t need one but i shared the link :slight_smile:

I cook at least five days a week, but at least 4 of those days fall on workdays (yes well, the BBS never stops and all that, so fine, Day Job™ work days!) and I don’t have time to spend more than 30-45 minutes cooking (again, see: BBS and BB and dayjob). The instant pot (and sousvide) have both been instrumental in having something yummy available on those days - whether it’s rice cooked hands-off in 15 minutes to go with a stirffry, or the entire meal cooked in there.

Most of the features just provide timing versus actually changing how the instant pot cooks. It is a pressure cooker with a timer, essentially. It cooks at a lower PSI than a stovetop pressure cooker, so you need to have a recipe that is specifically for it, but thankfully there are a bazillion of those now.

If, like me, you need quick easy dishes (or portions of dishes) so you can make something during the week, then I think you’ll be a fan.


Does all the electric pressure cooker have this particular characteristic?

Yes, but the instant pot is higher PSI than most multi cookers.

That being said, the instant pot max has a much higher PSI, almost equalling stovetop (to the point that you don’t need to adjust recipes) but costs more.

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Thanks. Muito obrigado.

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