Grounded United plane waits 30 minutes to evacuate overheated infant

wih all this shitty airline behavior it’s time to revive United Breaks Guitars

OK, I’m clearly missing something. Elucidate, please?

It’s a line from the '90s pop song “Ice Ice Baby.”

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Guess how I know you didn’t read the article? :wink:

The flight attendants did bring her bags of ice to help cool the baby.


Not quite - at least, not applied directly to the baby.

When the body senses cold, it kicks into overdrive to heat up. Applying ice could well super-charge the temperature.

When we were all brought up the advice was put a baby with a fever into a cold bath to cool them. Now, you drizzle them with tepid water. Cold water turbo-charges the overheat. Much like eating an ice cream makes you hotter.

I’ve done this drizzling, and it works fantastically. I’ve brought a feverish child (mine) from floppy and eye-rolling back to gurgling and smiling in short order. They’re only little - large skin surface / volume ratio, so like mice, they can cool quickly.

That said - I’m not a Dr - cooling the air around the infant is a good idea.

Fuck United - I’ll never fly them. Nor Delta (fuck them and their appalling practices too). Likely not Virgin Atlantic (since they’re tangled with Delta). Easyjet, Ryanair - that lot can jump in a lake.

It’s nice where I am, anyway. I’ll stay right here.


Sorry. Didn’t mean to be opaque. “Selah” is sometimes translated into English as “stop” or “hear the word of the Lord” or just transliterated directly from the Hebrew. It might be a musical direction. Sort of a verbal fermata. Maybe. Hebrew is wild.

I threw in the first line of Ice Ice Baby as a riff on the image I was replying to.

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It is also Not Okay that the other hundred or so passengers had to wait two hours in a plane with no AC, food, water, or access to restrooms.
Fuck United.


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