Grounded United plane waits 30 minutes to evacuate overheated infant

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You know, if you pull the emergency chute you go to jail, and emergency services are there in minutes, fully prepared for a disaster. I’d have done that. People are too afraid to bring an airport to a grinding halt for a dying baby?


It’s United… she should feel grateful they didn’t just beat her and her infant amirite? /s

The airlines could spend a few bucks and run the APU fast enough to you know, run the air conditioning? But no, we cattle don’t deserve such niceties. Cuts into the holy profit.

edited to say I am glad the baby was OK in the end.


Meanwhile, UAL stock is up 40 points from last year. Apparently dead babies and beaten passengers is an excellent way to enhance shareholder value.


Mmmmm, when Trump privatizes the FAA, that invisible hand is just going to be fisting the Passenger’s Bill of Right all the way to the bank…


I’m really not shocked by this. I had a delayed flight out of Phoenix a few weeks back. I was post surgery and in rough shape, so it didn’t do me any favors.

The story was a gal needed oxygen on the flight coming in. They just needed to replace the emergency kit, and the O2 bottle. Delta was all over it, and replaced the E-kit, but Phoenix’s maintenance staff spent two hours unable to find an O2 bottle.

I know this because the Delta staff were so pissed they were throwing not-so-subtle shade at the airports maintenance crew in the announcements. When I boarded (first because cane and surgery) the maintenance staff were in a big loud argument with the pilots. The pilots were pissed off at the whole situation, and not getting off the ground.

I think there is no freaking communication between either side.


The reasons I avoid flying are now up to the entire length of War & Peace. At this point, I wouldn’t even mind sailing to Europe or elsewhere just to avoid giving any money to the airlines or dealing with the worthless group known as the TSA.

And yes I know sailing isn’t much better these days, but lesser of two evils.


They saved a lot of money not running the ACs.


[quote=“ethicalcannibal, post:6, topic:103614”]
I think there is no freaking communication between either side.
[/quote]I suspect that if the baby incident had happened on a different airline the result may have been similar. It’s speculation but seems that the delay was a disagreement between the flight and ground crew. I hope the baby in this story is ok though, i can’t imagine how scary this would be.


While getting the baby off the plane would have been the best solution, you know what could have helped cool the baby down?

I’ll show myself out…


I read an article saying the kid was okay. That is the important bit in all this.


Damn right. If this was me with my 7mo that emergency exit chute would have been deployed and we’d be on the ground and walking very fast. Don’t you dare try to hurt by baby (actively or through inaction). Papa bear will maul you!


If there’s a problem, yo, you’ll solve it!


Check out the hook, my DJs a (.44) revolver :wink:

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Realistically, that would have been my temporary solution. Every galley has a refrigerator/cooler or at least an ice bin.
You don’t have to practically “put them on ice”, but you could definitely cool them down by putting them right next to it.


Communications with Captains, those tend to be very one sided.


And then you would be jailed and lose custody of the child for being an unfit parent.
Of course, if you DON’T do it and the child suffers harm, you ALSO get to be an unfit parent and probably lose custody
You can’t win.

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Protip: If one is taking an online Hebrew class and translates “Selah” (סל"ה) as, “Stop, collaborate and listen,” one’s instructor may not be impressed with one’s wit.


Not my kid, I’ll do that anyhow.

People, people! It’s okay! United is “actively looking into what happened.”

So everything’s going to be fine.

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