Grown-ups re-imagine kids' monster drawings


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These are wonderful. A lot of them seem to be rendered with 3d software. Was it handed out free, or is there a reason so many parents had access?


The artists weren’t necessarily the kid’s parents, from what I gather. Being artists, I’m guessing they already had the tools to go with their preferred skillset.


Aha. I saw “grown-ups” and assumed.


I’m a little disappointed that the fourth one omitted the Minecraft Creeper peeing a bouncing stream of fire. Sure, it doesn’t fit with the beautiful serene tone they used, but it’s a clear betrayal of the original artist’s creative vision.


Interesting. There are actually several “Monster Projects” out there. My dad actually helped to start one back in the early 90s when the internets were first getting popular (I was in 2nd grade). The idea was that each class would draw their monsters, and then try to describe them in words. And then students from two classes in different schools would trade descriptions and students in each class would try to recreate the other class’s monsters just from the descriptions. So it was both an excercise in creativity and art, as well as a writing exercise to learn how to accurately describe a picture in words. I haven’t thought about the project in years, but I think this is their current website: At least, they’re using the same MO: draw a monster, describe it in words, and have a student in another school recreate it from the text.


Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Side note: I was actually considering making a Japan-ified “monster movie” painting when I can get the free time. Some giant robot or space being roaming the streets of downtown Austin, but in traditional realism, rather than abstract cartoon-ishness.

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